Doheny Promo and University of South Florida: A Partnership of Excellence and Trust

In the crowded and often “bidded to the bottom” world of branding and promotional products, finding the right partnership can make all the difference. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our collaboration with the esteemed University of South Florida (USF). As a veteran-owned company, Doheny Promo understands the values of dedication, quality, and commitment. We’re honored […]

Promoting on a Budget: How to Get the Most Out of Your Promotional Product Investment

In the vast arena of marketing, promotional products are a tried and true staple. They’re tangible, often practical, and have the power to keep your brand in the minds (and hands) of your audience. However, the challenge many businesses face, especially smaller ones, is navigating promotional product strategies within the constraints of a tight budget. […]

Getting Started: A Beginner’s Guide to Promotional Products for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, the term “promotional products” might seem daunting, perhaps conjuring up images of huge marketing budgets and complicated campaigns. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Promotional products offer an accessible and effective way to get your brand name out there, foster customer relationships, and ultimately drive business success. Whether […]

Measuring the Impact: How to Evaluate the Return on Your Promotional Products Strategy

Investing in promotional products is a common practice for businesses seeking to boost brand recognition and customer engagement. However, it’s essential to remember that promotional products are not just a cost but an investment—a marketing tool with the potential for significant returns. How do you know if this investment is paying off? That’s where the […]

Promote New Product Launches with Attention-Grabbing Promotional Items

Launching a new product is a pivotal moment for any business. The culmination of extensive research, development, and marketing efforts, a product launch aims to make the strongest possible impact on the target audience. One powerful strategy to bolster the success of a launch event is the incorporation of promotional items. In this blog, we’ll […]